Quellenangaben für verwendete Bilder & Grafiken:

Beautiful fire blue flames on a black background | Urheber: fire art

White ceramic tray with home spa supplies in home bathroom for relaxing rituals. Candlelight, salt soap bar, bath salt in jar, massage, bath oil in bottle, blue rolled towel, natural sponge | Urheber: FotoHelin

Cloudy golden sky, sunset, photo, nature | Urheber: Vita Vorobiova

fire flames | Urheber: Lukas Gojda

flying dandelion seeds on a blue background | Urheber: Chepko Danil

Modern white bathroom 3d rendering image. There are white tile wall and floor.The room has large windows. Looking out to see the scenery outside | Urheber: onzon

brushed metal | Urheber: Antonio Jorge Nunes

Feuerschein Hintergrund | Urheber: maho

Earth core structure to scale – isolated | Urheber: JohanSwanepoel

Warm floor – the concept of floor heating and wooden panels | Urheber: REDPIXEL

Underfloor heating with collector and radiator in the room. Conc | Urheber: sveta